What text analysis reveals of Howard Marks investing philosophy

With over 130 memo published over the past 30 years, amounting to 1400 pages (not including two books he wrote in the meantime), Howard Marks can be described as a fairly prolific writer.

In it, he describes his investment philosophy, and discusses at length the core ideas that made him a successful investor : the risk of investing, awareness of the market cycles, and investors psychology.

I wanted to use NLP techniques and analyze his memos, to see if a quant approach could give us a different perspective on his essays…

Does power pose have an impact on our body and self-perception ?

In this article I want to provide an overview of the best arguments in favor and against power posing, so that you can make your own mind on the topic.

What is Power Posing ?

Amy Cuddy, psychology researcher, gained an immense fame thanks to her ted talk “Your body language may shape who you are” (over 59 million views to this day, translated into 52 languages). In her speech, she presents groundbreaking evidence of the link between posture, self-confidence and performance.

She argues that our perception of…

Julien G.

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